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Principal''s Welcome


Dear Parents,


    Dorman School feels strongly that a relationship with parents helps improve a student's academic achievement and that the school and parents can build and develop a partnership to help children achieve this goal.


          Students served under Title 1 (a federal program that provides funds to improve academic achievement) must review, sign and return the School/Parent Compacts.  All Dorman students are served under Title 1.


          This School/Parent compact outlines what everyone's responsibility is to ensure that your child/children succeed.  The school has a responsibility, the child has a responsibility and the parent has a responsibility.  We all need to work together; the compact helps that happen.  Review with your child/children the commitment page of the School/Parent compact, sign and return it to school.  If you would like a copy for yourself please let us know. 






Rhonda Lewis


Our School

Dorman Elementary School is a small school community dedicated to meeting its students' needs. The school is composed of a diverse population of students including 5% Asian, 34% Black, 17% White, 43% Hispanic, and 1% American Indian.

Our History

Hiram L. Dorman School is located in the Pine Point section of Springfield, the third largest city in Massachusetts. Our school, built in 1932, is named for Hiram L. Dorman who was a purchasing agent for the city of Springfield.

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